The main road crosses to the west bank of the Swat River at Madyan and continues towards north. From here the valley steadily closes in and begins to climb more steeply. The road from Madyan onward was badly damaged due to flood in July 2011. Presently, accessibility to Bahrain and Kalam is only through a jeepable road. Jeep shuttle service is available from Madyan to Bahrain and Kalam. For more information about this jeep service please dial  (0946) 9240159.

Ten kilometers north of Madyan and about (1,400 metres/4,500 feet) above sea level, Bahrain is another very popular tourist spot in the upper Swat. Here the two rivers Daral and Swat join under a bridge; the former like a waterfall, and then winding their way in a torrent through a gorge below the high cliffs. Away from the road, along the banks of the Daral River, there are some interesting old houses with intricately carved woodwork. The town is spread out along the road where most of the hotels and restaurants are located. The bazaar of Bahrain is worth exploring for handicrafts.


  • 1,400 meters (4,500 feet)

What to To do

  • The bazaar of Bahrain is worth exploring handicrafts.
  • Historical homes by the bank of Daral River
  • Daral river waterfall

Where to Stay

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