Jahanabad Buddha

The next settlement farther up north is Minglor, at a distance of about 10 km from Mingora. A single metalled road turns off to the right to Malam Jabba from here, and 3 km from the turning lies the Jahanabad village.

The Jahanabad Buddha is a huge seated figure four metres high, carved in the seventh century on the face of a large rock on the other side of the river. The carved Buddha is directly opposite the village of Malakpur and is visible from the Malam Jabba road. The serene-faced Buddha sits cross-legged, his hands folded in his lap. To get a closer look at this historic marvel, one can cross the river through the next bridge (1 km farther) and walk up a clear path to reach the rock.

The Mountain Inn Guest House is the best place to stay in this area. This small family resort is located on the hillside on the road to Malam Jabba with a beautiful view of paddy rice fields and fruit orchards in the valley.