Back on main road at a distance of about 8 km from Fatehpur, Madyan is a tourist resort on the Swat River. The distance from Mingora to Madyan is roughly 56kms. At an elevation of 1,321 metres (4,335 feet), steep wooded hills provide a scenic backdrop for the fast flowing Swat River which gushes through the narrow gorges. Bashigram valley drains into the Swat River from the east at Madyan. The source of the Bashigram torrent is the pristine Bashigram Lake at 11,600 feet above sea level. The lake can be reached after a daylong strenuous trek. Its riverside location and pleasant climate make it an attractive tourist spot with rows of shops, hotels and restaurants along the main road. Antique and modern shawls, traditional embroidery, tribal jewellery, and carved wood furniture are sold in the shops on the main street. The shawls are woven in the side valley east of Madyan, where this cottage industry has been thriving for nearly 2,000 years. There are also a number of comfortable hotels and guest houses which provide accommodation facilities to tourists.


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