At distance of 13 km from Saidu Sharif at the head of the Saidu Valley, Maraghzar is a small village at an elevation of 1,287 metres (4,222 feet) from sea level. The White Palace (presently a hotel) was once the summer palace of the first Wali of Swat. The  Saidu Stream cascades down off  Mount Ilam behind the palace, and beside the stream runs the old hindu pilgrim path up Mount Ilam 2,811 metres (9,222 feet), which is a sacred place in Hinduism and most commonly known as Ram Takht. According to Hindu mythology Ram Chandra Jee Maharajah spent three years of his Ban Bass (jungle life) here. This path is a full day’s hike to the top and back through the remote villages. Local guides can be arranged through the White Palace Hotel.


1,287 metres (4,222 feet)

Important Landmarks and Places to Visit

  • White Palace, the summer palace of Wali of Swat.
  • Old Hindu pilgrim path to Ram Takht.
  • Hiking trails on Mount Ilam.

Where to Stay

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