Mingora and Saidu Sharif

At an elevation of 990 metres (3,250 feet) above sea level, Mingora and Saidu Sharif are twin-towns merged into each other. Mingora is the biggest market town in Swat with all the main markets, bus and coach stands, hotels, restaurants and shopping places, while Saidu Sharif to the South is the administrative capital of Swat. Over the passage of time Mingora in particular has become heavily congested and comparatively hot in the summers compared to Saidu Sharif. The bazaars of Mingora are fascinating and worth exploring for hand woven woolen shawls, jackets and caps, wooden handicrafts, old silver jewellery, old carpets, semi-precious stones, Swati embroidered cloths, dry fruits, honey and imported electronic items. The shrine of the Akhund of Swat, residence of former Wali of Swat, Swat Museum, Swat Serena Hotel and archeological remains of the Butkara are also great places to visit and located at Saidu Sharif.


990 metres (3,250 feet)

Important Landmarks

  • The shrine of the Akhund of Swat.
  • Residence of former Wali of Swat.
  • Swat Museum.
  • Swat Serena Hotel.
  • Archeological remains of the Butkara.

Where to Stay

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